Apple Accessories Gift Guide [Reviews]


Just in time for the holidays. Do you know someone who loves Apple and its many products? These gifts might just do the trick.


iPad Smart Cover ($40)

If that special someone owns a iPad or an iPad mini, why not buy them a iPad smart cover? The cover not only protects the screen from damage but when lifted, automatically turns your iPad’s display on. How did Apple manage to make magnets and electronics work together? I have no clue, but this is a must have for any iPad owner. I do have some personal experience with this item and from what I can tell it is flawless. Works every time. The silicone that covers the magnets is perfect for protection and grip.


BookBook for iPhone or iPad ($60-$70)

This cover fits the iPhone 4/4S and comes in the iPad’s size too. It is a great gift for the hipster in your family. The cover’s inside not only holds your iPhone, but also your license, credit cards, and cash.


Mujjo Sleeve ($76)

This sleeve for the 13” Macbook Pro not only looks great, it’s also functional. Not only does the sleeve hold your Macbook Pro, it can also hold your work papers, earplugs, or even your iPhone.


Otterbox ($50)

You just got a new iPhone 5 for the holidays. Later that day you drop it and the screen breaks. With the otterbox your iPhone could have been protected. The commuter is the perfect case for the iPhone 5. I know from personal experience that the otterbox is perfect. I’ve dropped my iPod touch many times and never had a problem with it.

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