Tweetbot updated with a bunch of new improvements

Tapbots, the makers of one of the best Twitter clients out there, has just released an update of their version Tweetbot for the Mac. Among all the usual bug fixes, this update includes new global hotkeys and better notifications.

Below is the full release notes of this update (Tweetbot for Mac v1.1)

– New global hot keys for show/hide and new tweets available in preferences
– New “All Tweets” notification preference available (10.8 only)
– If you pin timeline to top in preferences it will now also pin other non-streaming columns to the top (searches, lists, etc)
– Added support for visual sync marker
– Keyboard shortcuts for Read Later and Email Tweet
– Trends now autorefresh if used in a column
– Clicking menu bar item rows will now open main window if needed. Will also go to correct space if main window is on a different space/desktop
– Moom and Tweetbot are now better friends
– Fixed issue where draft with images weren’t shown when you loaded a draft
– Fixed issue when home timeline displaying a list wasn’t being synced nor showing correct unread tweets.
– Fixed issue where scrolling via keyboard was not updating the position properly (affected Tweetmarker and iCloud)
– Fixed crash when switching main timeline between a bunch of lists and then closing that column
– Fixed issue dragging windows to secondary screens if they were vertically aligned
– Fixed issue where notification sounds were playing even if you had Sound: None set
– Fixed issue with Reading List requiring a login
– Fixed issue with not respecting global auto-spell correction preferences
– Fixed issue with double tap on trackpad not behaving like right click in some places
– Fixed issue with j/k keys on dvorak keyboard
– Fixed issue where couldn’t refresh columns in secondary windows using keyboard shortcut
– Fixed issue where pressing enter would send the tweet instead of select a username

If you’ve yet to experience the brilliance of Tweetbot, you can check it out in the Mac App Store.

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