.Mail app is coming to your Mac in the near future

A month or two ago, designer Tobias Van Schneider rethought the classic email client, and came up with the concept of .Mail. Although this client was just a concept, it is now a reality. In the near future, this app will be released for the Mac, and aims to change the way that we think about email. Features include centralised attachments , integrated notifications, personalised messages and more.


.Mail separates itself from other email clients in many ways. In addition to the clutter-free interface and clean typography, there are three innovations that should establish .Mail as one of the best email clients out there.


While the name is somewhat quizzical, its uses aren’t. Instead of the conventional flagging system seen in most email clients, .Mail will have a priority based system. How important a certain email is can be categorised into one of three categories, ranging in importance. Each of the three shades of red symbolises a category of priority, with the darkest being most important, to the lightest, which is of a lower importance. This way, unorganised mail can be sorted easily and quickly into simple and clever categories.

Then when going back through these categories, simply checking the icon of the email will remove it from the list, signifying that there is no further need for it on the list.


Centralised Attachements:

Attachements in other mail clients are spread out across each individual application, making them harder to find. With .Mail, they are in one centralised location, where they can be sorted, dragged and dropped to any place on the computer.




Social Networking integration:

Another way .Mail sets itself apart from other clients is through social media integration. Firstly, profile pictures of contacts from Gmail or Facebook will automatically be shown within .Mail, as soon as a you login with either account.

In addition to this, any email notifications that you receive from Facebook will be automatically sorted into a separate notification, meaning that it does not get tangled up with other important emails.



You can sign up for further information at dotmailapp.com and follow Tobias on Twitter. To follow the developments of .Mail, then head over to the .Mail blog.

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